Digitorious Technologies has been offering proficient SEO services backed by extra ordinary results for more than Five years now. Internet and search engines plays a major role in the growth and progression of any business and its popularity. Climbing up the search ladder shows how much relevant your business is and how many people it can actually reach out to. Having a gorgeous website alone is not enough if your potential customers are unaware of the fact that the website even exists. If you cannot outrank your opponents in the relevant search results, then you automatically lose to the competition given the fact that people will be tempted to click on whatever comes on top. One could argue that they can also use ads to get the searchers attention. But, let’s be realistic, how many people actually notices the ads seriously? Only a small number of people whose attention you truly seek. You will definitely require online marketing and organic SEO to help your business take the stage online. At Digitorious Technologies, we promise that your website is bound to rank higher in the search engines result pages (SERPS).

SEO Services

The first problem is reaching out to your target audience. You might get a lot of visitors to your sites if you are lucky enough, but it is not necessary that those visitors actually want what you are offering. This actually means you are not reaching out to the right people and your potential customers. Instead, your efforts are being noticed by the wrong group of people who might want a similar product or service, but not exactly yours. So, this kind of growth will not correlate to the success of your business or company. A company like ours with SEO experts who will work day and night to take your website to the right group of people is exactly what you need to turn those useless hits into something profitable. We will accomplish this by a mutual combination of organic SEO Services and Inbound Marketing techniques.

You might wonder, "How do you achieve this?" Well, this is exactly how:

Use of Keywords:

We rely on a variety of keywords instead of just one keyword or phrase in order to make sure we can attract visitors who search with different kind of wording or ideas in mind, but have the same overall target.


We provide content that actually has value to the visitor, i.e. something they find prominent and is of good quality or value or something that is useful, in their perspective. It shouldn’t be something unwanted, or intrusive or forceful upon the visitor in any manner. The visual attractiveness and sleekness in presentation is another important factor. Nothing screams quality like animations, smooth graphics, UI and UX elements. This is taken care by our web design and development team.

SEO Services

The Complete Website:

Our goal is not only to get your expected visitors to your landing page or marketing page. For example, we will definitely work very hard to bring relevant hits on relevant pages of your website. This particularly applies to large number of sites with a wide range of categories of content in them. As Google uses mathematical algorithms which look for mutual links between various pages to estimate its value in context to the searches, the other pages in your website that link to a particular page must also contain relevant and useful information.

External Links:

As mentioned earlier, Google’s algorithms rely heavily on linking, so, our main focus is on building a solid relationship with a variety of other sites, which helps in building your site’s profile and represent it as a strong and integral structure on the internet to the search engines.

The Flip Side:

Ironically, trying too hard to optimize can be a disadvantage. This is called Over Optimization. For instance, the excessive use of tags in a page tells us directly that the page might be trying to lure in visitors and we instantly lose faith in the content of that page. We avoid doing this in all possible ways and work on natural and organic SEO as much as possible, so that you “earn” your ranks in the search results.